Apostille Services

An Apostille is a certificate issued by a designated authority in a country that authenticate the seals and signatures on a document. Apostilles may be needed for any type of official document including birth certificates, incorporation documents, court orders, notarial and banking transaction and so forth.

We provide apostilles for any document you may need for your business or settlement in the United States and ship them everywhere in the world.

Our clients are mostly the businesses incorporated in the State of Delaware, to whom we provide notarized apostille documents almost every day.

If your company is not incorporated by delawaresirket.com, you need to provide necessary corporate information in order to obtain apostille services from us. For banking transactions and in some other cases, there is a 2 day examination process for the aforementioned documents before obtaining the apostille. The shipments are done by UPS and it generally takes 4 business day for deliveries to Europe.

Apostilles can be notarized and authenticated only if the document will be used in a country that is a party to the Apostille Convention. To see the list of the countries, click here.